Gestural langage

Définition :  Any communication system by gestures.

Some examples of gestural systems Natural gestures

      • Amer Ind (inspired by a gestural communication of American tributes)
      • French Signed (every word in the sentence is represented)
      • Sign language (used by deaf people, different structuring of spoken language)
      • Animated Hands (Montreal)
      • Smog (used on the Flemish side)
      • Sezame (created to help people with intellectual disabilities)
      • Coghamo (Sezame adapted for people with motor disabilities)
      • Makaton (gestures associated with images)
  • ……. Etc….

Highlights of these systems:

  • It’s at your fingertips, always available.
  • It is a system used initially spontaneously by any person in difficulty of oralisation

Weak points of these systems:

  • It requires good fine motor skills.
  • The communication partner must know the meaning of the gestures.