Qu’est-ce que les AAC ?

AAC stands for “Alternative Augmentative Communication”

It is the international denomination for all communication helps from a picture book to a full communication system, software or engine.

An Augmentative Alternative Communication is any form of communication (verbal communication excepted) witch substitutes or helps verbal communication of one person who never could speak or has lost speaking capacity.

Our goal is to evaluate the remaining capacities to establish which of the AAC helps would be appropriated to be able to communicate if possible autonomously. Communication is essential for everyone for socializing. To communicate with an oral language seems to us so normal till one certain moment or event independent from our will suddenly prevent us from communicating.

The are various methods but only one goal: to communicate!

This summary about Alternative and Augmentative communication is the result from 15 ans of practical experiences. The purpose is to help any person in search of information about Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Our work is precisely on the field and we know that the domain of Alternative and Augmentative Communication is spreading more and more and that technologies are changing very quickly.

Our wish is to propose leads and to try to create links between all associations who works in the field of Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Good movement to everybody and don’t hesitate to contact us because any complementary information is welcome!

The AAC Communication systems can be devided in 3 groups:

  1. Gestural systems
  2. Grafic systems ( monosemic or polysemic )
    • monosemic
    • polysemic
  3. Alphabetic systems