Support us

In the beginning of this year 2012, COMALSO vzw is facing some new developments. The association received two magnificent, anonymous donations which permit us to cooperate with a part-time speech-language therapist, specialized in alternative and augmentative communication. In the meantime the files for the application for official grants are sent to the various offices of the ministry. COMASLO vzw is also negotiating about the proposal on a convention with INAMI/RIZIV. Finally, the association is taking steps to receive a license, which permits us to give a certificate for donations  above 40 euro, so they can become tax-deductible. However, all this is taking time and ongoing financial support is needed. So if anyone of you wants to give a helping hand, all donations are welcome: The IBAN number of the organization is: BE88.0015.4240.1141 GEBABEBB In the name of: ASBL. COMALSO