Step by step in the AAC

When a disorder (whether by birth, following an accident or illness) prevents a person from speaking, the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems (BLISS, PCS, BETA, CAP, REBUS, COMMUN-IMAGE, MINSPEAK) and a well adapted communication tool can prove to be a valuable aid to regain or improve the person’s communication abilities CONDITIONS and TARIFFS ????

  • Aim ?  Enable participants to :

Ÿ Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems Ÿ Implement the AAC systems by means of a chosen technology according to the capabilities and needs of the (speech) handicapped person.

  • ”For whom ? Any person interested, parents, team members (educational, paramedical, therapeutical …)  who are in contact with people with speech difficulties. Students in the above-mentioned domains.
  • — ► By whom ? ► Anne COURTEJOIE,  Speech therapist, trainer and AAC expert for 25 years.
  • When ? 9h00 – 12h00 and 13h00-16h00 
  1. A day………….:   General overview of Augmentative and Alternative Communication    + case.
  2. A day………… : the strategie to make one AAC-BOOK (paper).
  3. A day………… :  Exploring the communication programme MIND EXPRESS 4
  4. A day ………   : Exploring  MIND EXPRESS 4. Feed back  of each participant about the  strategy for the speech handicapped person of their choice. Answer at the questions.
  5. A day ………     : Overview of all the technologies
  6. A day…………  : Show of practica material of AAC + evaluation
  • TARIF ?
  • ►600 € per participant from several institutions.
  •    Possibiliy of these 6 days for a team of  one institution (maximum 14 participants).  Take contact with us for the conditions.
  • Venue ? ► COM. AL. SO Antwerpsesteenweg  23  – 2     BROECHEM  ► of a other place. (+0.40€/kms)

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